Tuesday, December 28, 2010


     Roku, it means 6 in japanese, and the begining of the end of TV as we know it in technology. Got one for Christmas and haven't watched regular cable since. Its a little box you hook up to your router, with an ethernet cable or wirelessly and it interfaces internet content and delivery with your Television set.

     Best know for being one of the Netflix enabled devices, so that with thier lowest price monthly service, about $10 a month, you can stream unlimited movies from their selection of "instant" movies. It also allows access to YouTube, Flickr, Twitter etc. Also for the series watchers there is hulu plus which allows access to the full seasons of various addictive programs. Less hyped but really more important are the other channels like Pod.tv which carries regular cable content in episode form, BBC, CNN, ABC.

     The irony of it is that I have cable internet, so I am using the cable companies bandwith to bypass their selection of content.

     Cute little denim tab on the box and on the remote, but I bet the broadcast and cable TV folks are wondering how secure their business model is.

     Only downside, haven't found free porn on it  yet, but then its only been 3 days.

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