Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Rielle Hunter? I'd do her

     Rielle Hunter is close to the kind of woman I'd be attracted to, smart, (well sort of), takes care of herself, gives a shit about what people think...

     Supposedly she approached John edwards on the street and said she was interested in fucking. Reminds me of a woody allen movie where allen's character tries one last line on a women in desparation on a sidewalk on the streets of Manhattan, he just goes up to her and says "can I lick your pussy?", and surprise! It Works!
     Of course Rielle turns out to be one of those quirky girls, you know the type, not really in touch with what other people think of as common sense. She didn't think to use BIRTH CONTROL while boinking a PRESIDENTIAL CANDIDATE on the side of his marriage. Shit, at least back in the day when I screwed around, I protected my self.

     But I see the attraction, blond, employed (self), has a warm wet hole and doesnt make you work hard to get in it. But posing on your kids bed in sexy "his shirt" and no panties....quirky.

Question is now that HIS WIFE, and MOTHER OF HIS KIDS (Elizabeth Edwards) is dead, will they hook up again?

     There is probably a scale of quirky, from likes weird music, to fatal attraction, and I dont think she is fatal attraction, but it would be interesting to get inside her head, maybe from a safe distance, say a couple feet below, and find out who she really is. I'm guessing more than "weird music", maybe into a little neck tie bondage and pantiless public exhibitionism at the least!

     Like I said, I'd do her. But then I'm not the sanest monkey on the planet.

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