Saturday, August 13, 2016


Telepathy is not remotely sensing what others are thinking and feeling as much as it is letting go of ones own identity and sensations for a time and inhabiting the others.

There is life. It is divided up into identities. Identities are a mental object, a created, artificial, impermanent idea. You can change what idea you are currently having. Tune into another identity, observe it, as it, and voila! You are telepathing. We all do this constantly at a sub conscious level all the time, this is called Morphic Resonance.

These mental objects, identities, whose are they? If identity is an artifice, there is no who, who is having the identity, it is just part of life as a whole, sectioned off temporarily.

Life has identities and changes identities and shuts down identities. The life still exists, it may have trillions of identities for a while or only a few in a time of gods...


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