Thursday, May 10, 2012

Spiders in her mind..

I got a call from someone associated with a cult which I am also associated with. She called me while I was grocery shopping, wanting to discuss what sort of problems I had with our mutual obsession.

Contrary to the stated principles and earlier culture of said cult, she wanted to use anything I said as an opportunity to preach to me about how wrong I was. She being a member of the cults International management, who had worked with the cults FOUNDER and also works under its current chairman, and she is a member of its elite paramilitary unit that is tasked with perserving the organization and putting ethics in on the planet.

I listened to her and offered not too much in the way of arguement, but honestly told her my concerns. She characterized it as me repeating an enemy line, saying I was parrotting what others had fed me. I felt that perhaps I did still possess the capability of independent thought and that she was being unfairly judgemental.

We ended the conversation with her saying she could not stand to share my universe.

So much for being able to experience anything, and having the abilities our cult promises.

I think she has spiders in her mind...

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