Tuesday, November 15, 2011


The Little purple notebook, "How to Escape from the Universe", shows how, but why?

"Gotamo Siddharto, a local Prince in India 2,500 years ago, after going through most of the many spiritual and physical exercises that were  taught at his time, decided to try a radically different approach and eventually succeeded in waking up from the dream of life to a state beyond this Universe.
Gotamo asserted a 'state' that is fundamentally independent of the system of this Universe. Since labels can only be attached to phenomena that are within a system, there cannot possibly be a name for this state and even classifying it as a 'state' is therefore, strictly seen, incorrect. Likewise, whoever is able to reach this 'state', cannot be labelled either.
The only possible approach to this 'state' is an _indirect way_.  Therefore, Gotamo taught a way of thinking in exclusive terms rather than the common way of thinking in identities.
For example, contemplating 'self' is necessarily an identifying and self-reflexive way of thinking and it cannot possibly lead to the 'way out'. In the contrary, since thinking in identities is the very condition that is holding Beings in this Universe in the first place, self-reflexive thinking will INCREASE the bonds that prevent a person from being able to have the choice of withdrawing from this world. " Little Purple Notebook, Chapter 16

I contend that breaking the desire to be here is the whole of it really, not how. 

It's like school for kids, they complain and say they don't want to be there, but when they are not in school, they complain there is nothing to do and no one is around.

The universe is where the action is, where friends are, where games can be played, where love can be found.

Leave? Yea well try playing with your friends with no universe! Try loving…..alone.

Where ever two or more gather…there is a universe! And leave this one and you will just create a new one out of loneliness and boredom after a bit of rest.
Does that mean this is hunky dory? This universe? No, but its not so bad if your in decent shape.

What do I mean decent shape? Well you should have the ability to leave the universe if you need or want. And the ability to be in it and not brought down to the point of no longer being able to leave it!

I used to think it would be great to get to the point where I didn't need a body and could just be a spirit floating around and doing stuff out side the common reality that is "the universe", and still think it would be great to get to that point, but no longer think it would be something I would want to do!

"Before enlightenment, chop wood, carry water. After enlightenment, chop wood, carry water."    Old Zen Saying.

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