Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Evolution, Consciousness, Transcendence. (OH MY!)

   So, I was thinking...about the idea of there being "higher states", "spiritual realms", "being outside of the material universe", and such. And exploring the idea that there isn't.

   Not that we are just bodies and accidents of biology. Matter brought to life by But consciousness engaged in evolution into matter. And that is not necessarily a good thing!

   For many years I have had the notion that I was a spirit living in a body, trapped if you will, trying to "get out". Get out to where? Well if I left my body as/with consciousness, what would I perceive? The material universe and all of those who create it?

   What would I then be? Consciousness, but still perceiving some sort of illusion created by self and others in an evolutionary process over time. Would I now have escaped "the trap"?     No.

   This line of thinking opened up the idea that what I am essentially is layered with many created and evolved additions that exist simultaneously. There is no "out", no transcendence of the material, no spiritual realms, just a whole lot of different manifestations of my existence in different states of being perceived.

   The difficulty is that we have evolved to the point of having bodies and material playstuff, (playstuff if you imagine us as gods..), and this is so fun and gives us so much to perceive, that the more subtle aspects of our existence are not so noticeable. Thus we forget what we are and evolved into thinking of ourselves as bodies, spirits, identities, etc.

     But I propose that it is possible to learn to more fully experience our existence, and without fully abandoning the more sensational aspects. I do see value in some degree of searching and process in the attempt at enlightenment. It is the experience that teaches us. Scientology was that experience for me. Our interaction with that we have created keeps us on a path to find a solution to it!

    One of the problems with spiritual paths is that at their foundation is the notion that there is somewhere to go, something we are not.  This puts us into a dichotomy, what we are experiencing versus what we want to experience, when in fact the "what we want to experience" is already part of us as the singular loving awareness that all else is layered on. That part of us, our essential nature is already there and always was, but just was overshadowed by all the rest of us. It can be experienced at any time by simply stopping the attention put of that which hides is. No struggle, no path necessary.  :)

(Notice that one of the balls only exists as the reflection of everything else and its effect on that? How is that like us?)

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